Terms and conditions for the job applicant database User group of the database Absolvent gives authorized companies the possibility to access the regular and premium area of the job applicant database. They can contact unlimited job applicants if the company has to fill a position or if the company is assigned by another company to fill the position. If absolvent.de has deep doubts that the data of a job applicant is not only used for recruitment purposes or when the security of the data is endangered, the access to the job applicant database can be denied access for the company by absolvent.de. A contract is valid between absolvent.de and the company to use the job applicant database, when a confirmation is sent electronically or in writing by absolvent.de or when the access data is sent to the company. Using the data and use restriction The job applicant database may only be used for recruitment purposes – this includes especially searching for potential applicants for concrete positions. The permanent saving of the job applicants data, whereas the applicant has no influence on the process is only permitted with the applicant’s approval. Giving the data to a third party is strictly prohibited. Another process than recruitment (e.g. commercial email, telephone sales) is strictly prohibited. Any incorrect use of the job applicant database is prosecuted. Price and payment conditions If a premium account is created to the job applicant database the company receives a receipt after confirming the contract or the access data. The current media data is applicable. Confidentiality, data protection, communication The company commits to treat any received information and data from absolvent.de with confidentiality and denies a third party access to the data. The commitment still exists after the contract has ended. Access guarantee to the job applicant database Absolvent gives the company access to the job applicant database. Absolvent assumes no liability for the accuracy of the data published in the database especially not for process of contacting one or more applicants. Absolvent only guarantees the possible technical standard to access the data. The company is aware of the fact that it is not possible to create a complete unbiased program that data may not always be available without the default of absolvent.de. Absolvent is by no means responsible for any default caused by a third party.

Liability Absolvent takes no guarantee for the completeness and accuracy of the published content and images on absolvent.de. Amendments and errors may occur. If a user relies on the published information, the person does so at its own risk. These sites may contain links to sites that are maintained by other companies and their current contents are not known to absolvent.de. For this reason absolvent.de distances itself expressly from the contents of these pages. The communication can be viewed via the contact form or e-mail is generally unencrypted and may be affected by unauthorized parties. The user takes this into account and considers it when entering sensitive information. Absolvent does not assume any responsibility or liability for damages of any form as a result of the use of this site. Also, the downloading of data of any kind is at the user’s own risk. Should any content of these websites violate the right to be incomplete or incorrect, or in any way discriminate against, please informally notify absolvent.de. Absolvent hereby agrees to amend the complaint by agreement or places whatsoever. A solicitor’s warning letter is not required. Other Performance is Berlin. Jurisdiction is Berlin. Subsidiary agreements, amendments and additions shall be made in writing and this is especially true for the repeal of this regulation. For all legal relationships between the contracting parties the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable under exclusion of UN purchasing laws. The invalidity of the foregoing provisions shall not affect the validity of the remaining. The invalid clause is then replaced by an agreement that is economically and their intent to the invalid clause. Terms and conditions for both print and online services, especially fee-based Job offer General terms Only these General Terms and Conditions apply. Different conditions require the consent of absolvent.de. Individual contract agreements must be in writing. In case of disputes arising from this contract jurisdiction is Berlin. Performance is Berlin. Order granting The contract award shall be made in writing. Is there a written order confirmation, is it the basis for the results of the contract scope and content. Rejection of ads Absolvent reserves the right to reject advertisements – even after changes have been made during the term of the contract – because of the content, origin and conform to its standard, factually justified principles of the company if the content violates laws or regulations or the publication of those are unreasonable for absolvent.de. The customer is solely responsible for the legality of the advertisement content. In particular, he leaves the display design and content to absolvent.de, free of third party rights. Absolvent is not obliged to check orders and view as to whether to exercise the rights of third parties. Performance of fee-based Job offer • Your job offer is advertised in our social media channels (Facebook, RSS, and Career Services Blog of SRH University). • It is published for the entire term in the top job listing on the home page. • Your ad is placed in our newsletter. • Your job will be advertised in the notices of the SRH University. • Your logo will appear in rotation on our home page. • You will receive personal attention from our team of experts. • Upon request, your job advertisement is designed by our experts to your specifications. • The absolvent.pro package costs € 299 per job listing and has a duration of 3 months. • From the fourth job ad you will receive a discount of 25%.

The client leaves absolvent.de free of third party claims arising from the execution of this contract. Terms of payment The payment terms agreed in the contract are applicable. Complaints Complaints must be in writing. In urgent cases and to prevent damage, you can also complaint by telephone. Except for non-obvious defects – they must be made within 10 days of claim. The client has the right to receive a price reduction in the extent to which the purpose of the advertisement was impaired in case of poor performance advertising. The right to price reduction or rescission of the contract, the client to only receives when absolvent.de can pass a reasonable period to remedy the complaint reason. Absolvent takes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the fee based job advertisement. Liability claims against absolvent.de, which refer to material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the job advertisement or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information, are excluded, unless the company is not intentional or grossly negligent fault. Order Processing If the display is available on the Internet, the client receives a written confirmation. Within 10 days after receipt of the confirmation, the client has the possibility to raise the objection that the advertisement was not switched on time. In case of malfunction or Acts of God, etc. absolvent.de no obligation to fulfill orders. To avoid interference or intervention by force majeure, the server is taken offline, so the duration of the display extends its period. Is an extended duration for the customer without interest, he may require a payment reduction for the period of switching off. Compensation claims, particularly from impossibility and delay are limited to the replacement of the foreseeable damage. Compensation claims from positive breaches, faults prior contract and tort are excluded, unless absolvent.de meets true intent or gross negligence. A liability for the lack of assured quality remains unaffected. In commercial transactions, absolvent.de is also not liable for intent and gross negligence of simple vicarious agents, in other cases, the liability of salespeople for gross negligence in its extent to be limited to the foreseeable damage. Jobs advertisements are held with the industry standards. In the case absolvent.de is responsible (see above standard of liability) for a loss absolvent.de is only liable up to the cost of the spare production. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, in particular free of charge candidate profiles The following terms and conditions and privacy policies apply to all information and services offered by absolvent.de, if not a separate term and condition applies. Content of the online offers Absolvent takes no responsibility for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the chargeable and non chargeable Jobs. Liability claims against the company, which refer to material or immaterial nature caused by use or disuse of the Jobs or by the use of incorrect or incomplete information are excluded, unless the company is not intentional or grossly negligent fault. All offers are non-binding. Absolvent reserves the right to change parts of or the entire offer without separate announcement to supplement to delete or the publication temporarily or permanently. This is especially true if legal provisions require this. Absolvent reserves the rights to entirely exclude businesses that otherwise perform chargeable personnel marketing, from using absolvent.de. References and links Direct or indirect references to external Internet pages that lie outside the responsibility of absolvent.de, a liability would only come into effect if absolvent.de has knowledge of the contents and it would be technically possible and reasonable for absolvent.de to prevent access to illegal content. For information, created by the editorial team of absolvent.de, absolvent.de expressly declares that at the time of linking the corresponding linked pages they were free of illegal content. Absolvent has no influence on the current and future design and content of the linked / connected pages. Absolvent distances itself explicitly from all contents all linked / referenced pages which were changed after the link. This applies to all within the own Internet offer set left and references as well as entries, especially in the non-paying Jobs advertisements and candidate profiles in absolvent.de’s guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists. For illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from the use or disuse of such information lies solely with the provider of the site referred to is not the one who has linked to these pages. Copyright and Trademark Law All trademarks mentioned on this website are subject without restriction if necessary by third protected brands and trademarks are the provisions of the applicable trademark law and the rights of the copyright owner. Only by mention does not imply that trademarks are not protected by law! The contents of the website are protected by copyright of absolvent.de. Any reproduction or use of these contents in other electronic or printed publications without the express consent of the Company is not permitted. Attachments, content, downloads Downloading data and software that are available on the website of absolvent.de is at your own risk. Absolvent is not liable for damages caused through downloading, installation, storage or use of any software or content. Software and contents are checked before publication in the Internet by absolvent.de for viruses. This does not relieve the user from the obligation to verify the content or software after downloading for virus infestation to himself. Advertising The website of absolvent.de may contain advertising. For the purpose of creating statistical reports for advertisers, data such as ad impressions or ad clicks are recorded on so-called ad servers. We do not store personal data. Upon delivery of advertisements, cookies are used whereas absolvent.de has no influence on.

Liability It is at your own risk to use the Internet offerings of absolvent.de. Absolvent is not liable for any technical failure of the website or access to the Internet. There is no liability for damages, in particular for direct or indirect consequential damage, data loss, lost profit, system or production breakdowns which result from using or downloading data from absolvent.de. If a damage caused by the use of the website or the downloading of data or gross negligence, the disclaimer is not applicable. All legal relationships between companies and absolvent.de the law of the Federal Republic of Germany is applicable. In legal disputes with registered traders arising from the use of these web pages, the jurisdiction is Berlin. Privacy Policy / collection and processing of personal data The protection of privacy in the processing of personal data, as well as the security of all business data is absolvent.de an important concern, which is reflected in all business processes. Personal data collected during a visit to the website will be kept confidential and used only in accordance with statutory provisions. Below is disclosed, which data absolvent.de stores and how they are processed: In general, all information and services offered by absolvent.de can be accessed or used without access restriction. If within the Internet offer the possibility to enter personal or business data such as e-mail addresses, names, addresses, application form, CV or contact is given, the input of these data takes place voluntarily. The use of all offered services is permitted – if technically possible and reasonable – without specification of any personal data or under specification of anonymized data or an alias. If it is necessary to process personal data of users in accordance with statutory provisions previously made to the storage and processing the user is informed. Personal data that is transmitted over the Internet to absolvent.de are for completion of business processes, for purposes of technical website administration, customer management, order processing, information on legal and technical changes, as well as for marketing and only to the extent required under the provisions of the Federal Data protection Act (BDSG). Without the consent applicant profile data is not shared with third parties. With a share of personal data by the user for a third party is to be noted that absolvent.de for the treatment of the data by such third parties is not responsible. It is possible that third parties could use personal data for other purposes. Absolvent cannot control it effectively. The company uses security measures to protect sensitive data against loss or misuse. The safety concepts are continuously adapted to the state of technology and improved. When you visit the website of absolvent.de, usage data for statistical, evidential and security purposes will be stored. “Google Analytics” is used for this particular tool. Such data would include IP address, date and time. This data is made available only to legal arrangement to prevent or detect crime authorities. Absolvent may use cookies and active components (e.g. JavaScript) to follow the preferences of the visitor and to optimize the website. By adjusting the browser settings to accept cookies it may be disabled. It is therefore possible that some features of this website may no longer be possible. If absolvent.de was invoked through a web form for entering data, the users are hereby notified pursuant to § 33 paragraph 1 of the Federal Privacy Act also provide that personal data stored in machine-readable form and processed electronically for contract purposes. The user is informed and agrees that he will be informed by absolvent.de periodically via e-mail, fax or letter about changes and innovations that must be made.

All processing of data takes place according to the Telemedia Act (TMG) and the Data Protection Ordinance for Telecommunications Companies (TDSV). It should be noted that the transmission of data over the Internet is fraught with risks and it cannot be excluded by absolvent.de that third parties can gain access during the transmission of this data. Right to cancel the data storage The user is informed that in accordance with Telemedia Act at any time he can revoke the inclusion in the database by deleting its data. Data needed to process orders absolutely will not be affected by such deletion. This may mean that some services are not or cannot be used for personalization, as the provision of such services on the basis of personal data is based. For suggestions and complaints regarding the processing of personal data, the user can contact the customer service team of absolvent.de. Should there have been saved false information even though all efforts to maintain correct information, it will be corrected promptly upon request.

Commissioner for Data Protection Prof. Dr. Gerrit Tamm absolvent Partner of SRH Hochschule Berlin Alte Schönhauser Str. 44 10119 Berlin E-Mail: info@absolvent.de Telefon: 0049-(0)30-922 535 42 Final Rules / Other These terms and conditions and privacy policies are part of the Internet website of the absolvent.de. If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the remaining parts of the document in their content and validity. The data protection provisions and the information processing of personal data apply only to the websites of absolvent.de. If this website contains links / references to third parties the Privacy Policy and Terms of the respective website are applicable. Absolvent reserves the right to these Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, unless it is necessary to adapt.