We’re looking for a Slovak speaking intern for our new start up based in Munich (Germany). Our mission is to revolutionize the access to the local employment market. Our core business is international recruiting for companies abroad. Simply think of a future where companies abroad can access to the best workers locally at any time – a really big topic for our clients! Therefore we count on the fundamental idea of share-economy, based on a strong employer brand and shared technology.

Join our Mission – Why is that exciting for you?

A great time for all of us is coming– this is where you can be sure! The environment at our company provides a perfect mix for your career start. We have both, international top experienced management as well as the wild youth, looking forward to redesign the word of recruiting with you. Here you can grow with us on HR’s future issues and learn a lot from our team:

Technical know-how recruiting – From 50 years of experience we probably know almost everything about recruiting.
Digitize / HR tech – Since 2008 we digitize the HR of German companies. As such, we were pioneers in the market.
Internationalisation – We realised the first big HR projects in Germany and got them to a flying start.
Business building – As an entrepreneur we have a noticeable track record in founding and building businesses.
For a quick and successful teamwork, it’s important for you, to:

speak and write perfect Slovak and English.
some German language skills would be of advantage. Beyond that, we need someone who realises the issues with drive and power and who is able to clearly communicate them. For sure, it will get chaotic and stressful here and there. You should face those situations with a positive mind and the willingness to find solutions. We need no job pessimists. You don’t need to know everything but you should be able and willing to learn fast.
If you’re still interested just send us some information about yourself and your contact data (m.hoefer@clevis.de). We can start right now. Everything else we can discuss on the phone.

Über CLEVIS Consult

Wir sind eine Unternehmensberatung im HR-Umfeld. Unsere Projekte befassen sich mit den Mitarbeitern – vom Recruiting über Performance und Target Management hin bis zum Learning Management u.v.m. In der Regel werden die Themen mit uns direkt unternehmensweit ausgerollt. Unterstützt werden diese Projekte immer von einer IT-Lösung, bei deren Implementierung wir unterstützen – mehr dazu erzählen wir gerne im Telefoninterview und/oder Bewerbungsgespräch.

Auf Basis der Erfahrungen und Learnings aus unseren Projekten im Top Management kennen wir die Entwicklungen und zukünftigen Bedarfe von Unternehmen im Kontext HR sehr gut. Daher beschäftigen wir uns im Unternehmensverbund auch gerne mit dem Thema Start-ups und Gründungen im und für den HR-Markt. Wir gründen entweder selber oder beteiligen uns an Unternehmen.